How Long to Smoke Brisket at 225: A Guide to The Low and Slow Method

how long to smoke brisket at 225

Smoking a brisket for your next cookout? Then you might want to try out the low and slow method.

For many beginner and experienced chefs, brisket is a great choice for the smoker. This is a large cut of meat that can serve many people that you can get from your local butcher’s without busting the bank.

On top of that, it’s known for its tender and juicy texture.

But to get the signature flavor and texture, you need to smoke your brisket properly. And for many chefs, this means smoking the meat at 225 degrees.

And in this guide, we’ll be looking at how long to smoke brisket at 225, why you should try out the low and slow method, along with a few other crucial tips.

Read on to learn more.

How Long Should I Smoke Brisket At 225?

The length of time it will take to smoke and cook brisket at 225 degrees Fahrenheit depends on the weight of the meat along with environmental factors. However, the general rule of thumb for smoking meat at this temperature is that it will take 1 hour to an hour and a half to cook a pound of brisket.

So, if you have a 10-pound brisket and smoke it at 225 degrees, it will take around 10-15 hours to cook. However, keep in mind that this is a rough estimate and that other environmental factors will come into play as well.

For example, whether or not the smoker can maintain a consistent temperature or the wind conditions in your area could affect the cooking time. So, to really know when your brisket is done, we recommend using a meat thermometer.

That way, you won’t risk resting the meat before it’s done cooking.

Why You Should Smoke Brisket at 225

Smoking Brisket At 225

So, why should you go low and slow for brisket?

Well, the first answer is control. When you smoke large cuts of meat at lower temperatures, you have more control over the entire process. Additionally, it’s important to remember that the brisket is a tough cut of meat.

This means that it will take a long while for the tissues to break down and for the meat to turn tender. And when you use the low and slow method, the tissues and fibers will break down without overcooking the meat.

Smoking the brisket at a lower temperature also allows the fats in the meat to render. So, you end up with a juicy texture that all the guests at the cookout will love.

With that said, most people recommend 225 degrees Fahrenheit as the sweet spot for brisket. This is because you won’t overcook the meat, the fat will render, and the meat won’t spend too much time in the “danger zone”.

This is a part of the cooking process where the meat is at the right temperature for bacteria to thrive. That means that 225 degrees Fahrenheit will also result in a much safer dish.

On the flip side, smoking brisket at this temperature also comes with one downside. The reason some chefs prefer smoking the brisket at higher temperatures is simply that it takes a longer time for the meat to cook at 225 degrees.

For example, when smoking brisket at 275, it will only take around 30-45 per pound. This is much quicker, and if you’re in a jiffy, it could be the better option.

But if you have the time, take our word that going low is the better option. That way, you can ensure that the meat comes out exactly how you want it and it will leave a positive memory in the minds of everyone who eats it.

How To Get a Consistent Smoking Temperature

One key thing to remember when smoking brisket at 225 is to keep the smoker at 225 degrees as much as possible. Remember, consistency is key when smoking meat. That way, you get the meat cooked at just the right time and you end up with an undesirable result.

With that said, it can be hard to retain a consistent temperature in the smoker. If you have a sub-par smoker, to begin with, you may not be able to retain a consistent and reliable temperature. That’s why it’s important to invest in a top-quality smoker to get the best results when smoking meat.

Additionally, you want to place the smoker in the right area. This means avoiding places that are windy and subject to environmental factors like rain and snow. These things can drastically affect the temperature of the smoker, which in turn has an effect on the texture and cook time of the brisket.

If the temperature cools down too much, you might end up waiting much longer for the meat to cook. On the flip side, if there are too many hotspots and temperature spikes, you could overcook parts of the meat, which isn’t something you want.

When Is My Brisket Done Cooking?

a large piece of smoked meat on a wooden board

Pork, beef, and lamb need to reach an internal temperature of at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit for them to be safe for consumption. So, it’s important to wait until the meat reaches at least that point before taking it out of the smoker.

However, for beef brisket, you may want to wait a bit longer. The ideal temperature that most chefs recommend for brisket is 195 degrees at its thickest point. This is the point in cooking where the meat is considered “done” and ready for rest.

When smoking a brisket, make sure not to skip out on the resting period. That way, the meat will absorb all its juices and will be able to rise to the optimal temperature for a juicy flavor and tender texture.


For your next cookout, try smoking your brisket at 225. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Brisket requires a long time to get its tender and juicy texture, and you can increase the chances of attaining that texture at a lower temperature. And for a rough estimate, smoking a brisket will take around an hour to an hour and a half per pound of meat. While this is a slightly longer wait than usual, it’s worth it. This is a great way to ensure you get all the classic qualities of a brisket that everyone has grown to love.


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