Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers in 2021

Collecting wines is considered a well-established and unique hobby. But for some people, it is more than just a simple hobby; it is a great investment. If this is what you are planning to do, it is quite essential to give them proper storage. Fortunately, it is proven that the best dual zone wine coolers can effectively keep your wines in their top condition.

Putting your wines inside a regular fridge in an upright position might cause the cork to shrink and dry out. Once the cork starts to shrink, the air penetrates the bottle and the taste will be ruined. But with a dual-zone wine cooler, the quality, flavor, aroma of your wines are maintained even in the long run.

When choosing a wine cooler, it is also important to consider its space size, capacity, temperature zone, design, and other features. In this article, I will show you the top wine coolers and their reviews. I will also guide you on how to select the one that will suit your needs and preferences.

Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers Reviews

1. Kalamera 24-inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Kalamera 24-inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Are you planning to possess a large collection of the world’s finest wines? Well, this ultimate wine cooler by Kalamera is mainly designed for huge wine enthusiasts! This top-grade wine cooler can hold 46 bottles.

What I really love about this wine cooler is its size. It has a compact size yet it can accommodate a lot of wine bottles! It has a dual-zone thermostat which provides the perfect cooling temperature for each section. The upper section can provide temperatures of around 40°F to 50°F, while the lower section is around 50°F to 66°F.

I use this wine cooler as freestanding so I can move it easily whenever I am making some adjustments in my interior space. However, it can also be installed as a built-in wine fridge if you wish to place it in a particular area permanently.

I am impressed by the efficiency of the reversible doors and their frames as they are made out of high-grade stainless steel with three layers of high-quality tempered glass that helps in stabilizing the levels of the temperature inside the fridge. It also does not fog inside or outside the glass.

Moreover, this wine fridge automatically defrosts every six hours to prevent itself from over-chilling the wines that I stored. It also uses a quite efficient white air outlet that prevents the exterior part from overheating, so it allows me to place the cooler anywhere I want.

I also like the wine cooler’s temperature memory feature which allows it to restore its designated temperature after a power interruption. My wine collection stays in great condition as the temperature remains correct.

The wooden shelves are detachable and they all have effective stoppers that protect the wine bottles from sliding down the ground.

The only drawback of this dual-zone wine cooler is the slightly noisy fan inside the unit.


  • Can accommodate 46 wine bottles
  • Can either be in a freestanding or built-in setup
  • High-quality stainless steel reversible doors with triple-layer tempered glass
  • Automatic defrosting feature and excellent air outlet
  • Wooden shelves with effective stoppers


  • The fan inside the unit is slightly noisy

Therefore, this dual-zone wine fridge by Kalamera is indeed a very wise buy for wine enthusiasts who are fond of collecting the most prestigious wines in the market. It can help maintain the prime condition of your wines.

2. Aaobosi Upgraded 15 Inch Wine Cooler

Aaobosi Upgraded 15 Inch Wine Cooler

This wine cooler by Aaobosi is not just a powerful and efficient wine cooler, it also increases the value of your interior space because of its highly luxurious design. Its design makes it also a very popular choice in clubs, restaurants, and cafes.

The cooling system that this wine cooler uses is compressor-based, so I am very confident that it can keep my wine collection at the most ideal temperature. It operates very quietly and does not consume too much energy. Also, it does not vibrate too much.

I use the upper section of this dual-zone wine cooler for storing my white wines, while the lower section is for my red wines. These two sections have individual temperature control which helps in keeping your wines ideally chilled at their best possible temperatures.

If you are a wine collector, this is a pretty great option as it can hold up to 28 bottles. The wooden shelves are also very durable and easy to detach whenever you are planning on cleaning them. The doors are also lockable for added security.

I am quite amazed by the glossy and elegant finish of this wine cooler. It excellently enhances the ambiance of my house.

One thing I didn’t like that much in this wine cooler is the grease in the rails where the shelves slide. I noticed that there is a large amount of grease that makes my hand feel uncomfortable every time I remove the shelves.


  • Highly luxurious design
  • Compressor-based; noiseless operation
  • Does not consume too much energy
  • Lockable doors
  • Durable wooden shelves


  • The rails where the shelves slide are too greasy

Anyhow, I must say that this dual-zone wine cooler is still a great option, especially in terms of keeping your wine very fresh and improving the overall atmosphere of your living space. Its design is very exquisite and modernized.

3. Ivation 33 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Ivation 33 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

The very first impressive thing about this wine cooler by Iviation is its ability to preserve the original flavor and aroma of my wines even though I have stored them for quite a long time already. It works very efficiently in maintaining the condition of my wines.

Since it is also a dual-zone cooler, it has two zones with independent temperature settings that allow me to collect two types of wines in their respective storage area. I can easily adjust the separate temperatures for my red wine section and white wine section.

The glass door helps in keeping the interior part of the cooler very well-insulated. Also, since the glass door is UV-resistant, it prevents adverse UV rays from entering the interior part. UV rays can badly affect the taste of my wines so they should be shielded.

To clearly see all of my wine collection, I can simply turn on the LED interior lights. And because these lights are LED, they do not affect the label and flavor of my wines, unlike what fluorescent bulbs do.

The touch controls of this dual-zone wine cooler are very user-friendly. It’s very easy to understand and operate. It is quite easy to control the temperature; just tap the digital display, and you’re free to adjust its lock, light, and temperature settings already.

The only downside of this wine cooler is its slightly noisy operation. However, this does not happen all the time. There are just particular times where the unit operates a bit noisy.


  • Can preserve the flavor and aroma of wines long-term
  • Two zones with user-friendly temperature control settings
  • UV-resistant glass doors
  • With interior LED lights
  • Lockable doors


  • Tends to operate a bit noisy sometimes

If you are a wine enthusiast who loves to store wines for a long period of time, this dual-zone wine cooler could be an ideal option for you.

4. Phiestina 15 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Phiestina 15 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler

If you are looking for a powerful, advanced, and noiseless compressor-based wine cooler, this unit by Phiestina might be an incredible choice. The air circulation and cooling system of this wine cooler are very efficient.

I fancy wine bottles that are a bit colder than usual, and this dual-zone wine cooler always does the trick. It keeps my favorite wines at their most ideal temperature. I put all my white wines in the upper zone so I can keep them at a colder temperature, while the red wines are in the lower zone to keep them just slightly chilled.

Although it can be in a built-in or freestanding setup, I chose to use freestanding so I can effortlessly move it anywhere I like. It is easy to place at different locations because of its portable and compact size. It does not consume too much space.

Since it has excellent air circulation, I never worry about it releasing too much heat outside. The cold temperature inside remains very stable which keeps my wines very fresh.

Moreover, it uses five removable shelves with a non-slip surface. Each one of them also contains stoppers to protect the wines from falling to the ground.

The main material that this wine cooler uses is made out of top-grade stainless steel which is very durable and dent-resistant.

My only concern about this dual-zone wine cooler is its interior LED lights. They seem to have malfunctioned already after a few months.


  • Noiseless compressor-based cooling system
  • Excellent air circulation
  • Portable and compact size
  • Incredibly preserves the most ideal temperature needed for wines
  • Made out of dent-resistant stainless steel


  • The interior LED lights are not long-lasting

In a nutshell, this compact-sized dual-zone wine cooler is a very wise option, particularly if you have limited space in your house. It is also effective in keeping all of your wines fresh and ideally chilled at all times.

5. Colzer 24 Inch Beverage Fridge and Wine Cooler Dual Zone

Colzer 24 Inch Beverage Fridge and Wine Cooler Dual Zone

Do you prefer drinking your wines cold? If yes, this dual-zone wine cooler by Colzer might be a great choice! Compared to other wine coolers, this unit has the edge when it comes to quick-cooling wines and beverages. Whenever I buy a new wine and want to drink it cold right away, I just put it inside this cooler. After 15 minutes, it’s already cold!

The cooling system is compressor-based. But, it does not create any loud noises and does not consume too much energy. Furthermore, the two cooling zones are both illuminated by high-end blue LED lights that help me see my collection through the glass door.

I also love the design of the shelves. They are quite adjustable. I can easily customize their height to fit some larger wine bottles. I can also easily clean them as they are detachable.

Although this unit can be used in a freestanding setup, I never had any problems when I installed it under my counter. Because of its efficient front ventilation that’s protected by high-quality stainless steel, I am not obliged to leave a huge space for heat dissipation.

What I also like about this unit is its no-frost feature and temperature memory function. To keep the wine cold, it does not need to use the process of frosting. And when the power accidentally shuts off, the temperature inside the cooler will return to its original setting.

The only downside of this is its capacity. It can only hold up to 18 wine bottles. I just wish it has a larger capacity


  • Quick-cooling technology
  • Compressor-based; noiseless operation
  • Illuminated by high-end LED lights
  • Detachable and adjustable shelves
  • No-frost and temperature memory function


  • Can only hold up to 18 bottles

This dual-zone wine cooler is a great selection if you prefer drinking your wines extra cold. It has a noiseless operation and it can keep your wines very fresh and chilled.

6. BODEGA Wine and Beverage Refrigerator

BODEGA Wine and Beverage Refrigerator

If you have limited space in your kitchen or living room, you might consider purchasing this high-grade wine cooler by BODEGA! This wine cooler has a very compact size so it does not take that much of your space. It can also be built under your counter!

This wine cooler is quite efficient in terms of keeping the right temperature to maintain the taste and aroma of my favorite wines. It has a quiet operation and it cools all the wines and beverages very quickly.

One thing that got me amazed is the wooden shelves as they are very durable. Sometimes, I drop some of them when I am cleaning the unit but they never break nor crack. I must say that these wooden shelves are well-built and reliable.

It also has two zones inside with different temperature control settings. I’m able to keep the upper zone colder than the lower zone. I always store my sodas and juices inside the upper zone to keep them very cold while I put my wines inside the lower zone.

The soft LED lights in the interior part of the unit keep the wines and drinks illuminated. I’m able to see my wines and beverages through the glass doors even when the surroundings are dark.

My only problem with this unit is the glass doors as they tend to get foggy sometimes if I set it to the coldest temperature.


  • Very compact size
  • Quiet operation
  • Well-built and durable wooden shelves
  • Keeps the flavor and aroma of the wines
  • Soft interior LED lights


  • Glass doors tend to get foggy sometimes

Despite that minor drawback, this is still a great option especially if you are living in a small house or apartment. It works excellently in preserving the quality of your wines and other beverages.

7. FOOING Wine Cooler Dual Zone

FOOING Wine Cooler Dual Zone

Are you looking for a dual-zone wine cooler with an efficient carbon filter? Well, this wine cooler by FOOING could be the right choice for you! This wine cooler uses an advanced carbon filter that helps in keeping the circulating air fresh and clean. That is to protect the wines from elements that may negatively affect their flavors.

One of the most impressive things about this wine cooler is its capacity. It can accommodate up to 46 wine bottles! It is indeed a great selection for wine collectors.

I also find the shelves very helpful whenever I am storing large wine bottles. The shelves slide very smoothly and they can be adjusted so that I can store larger bottles.

The digital temperature controls are quite easy to understand. The digital buttons are very simple and user-friendly. Plus, the material used on the unit’s exterior is made out of stainless steel, which offers a very timeless appearance.

I really like how this wine cooler can keep a very stable temperature inside. Whenever my friends visit my house, it is easy for me to get the wines ready and have my friends enjoy them at the perfect chillness.

My only problem with this wine cooler is its door which is quite big. It would use up too much space for me to open it widely.


  • Uses an advanced carbon filter to purify the circulating air inside the unit
  • Can accommodate up to 46 wine bottles
  • Adjustable and slidable shelves
  • User-friendly temperature controls
  • Stable temperature


  • Opening the door uses up too much space

This unit is a good selection for wine lovers and collectors. It can help you collect different types of wines. Its filter functions very well and it helps in maintaining the great quality of your wine collection.

8. Kalamera Wine and Beverage Refrigerator

Kalamera Wine and Beverage Refrigerator

Do you want to showcase your collection of wine in an exquisitely designed wine cooler? Here it is! This wine cooler by Kalamera is undoubtedly a good choice to improve the look of your interior space.

Aside from its elegant design, this unit is no doubt a great wine cooler to preserve the prime quality of your wines and beverages. It also features a smart temperature memory that enables the unit to immediately restore the set temperature after a power interruption.

I really find this unit very useful whenever I have guests in my house. I can easily offer them different types of wine as this wine cooler can hold up to 33 wine bottles and 96 canned beverages! My guests never have a hard time choosing what flavor they would like to drink.

The design of the interior part of this wine cooler is a bit different compared to other wine coolers. Normally, dual-zone wine coolers have upper and lower zones. But this dual-zone wine cooler has left and right zones, which creates a huge additional space.

I never experienced any problems when this wine cooler first came to my house as it is very easy to install and operate. The glass doors are also ergonomically designed as they are French door-type. Moreover, the shelves are adjustable.

The only disadvantage of this wine cooler is its price. It’s quite expensive compared to other units.


  • Exquisite design
  • Smart temperature memory
  • Can hold up to 33 wine bottles and 96 canned beverages on the other section
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Ergonomically designed glass doors


  • Expensive

Therefore, if you like throwing parties or gatherings in your house, you can consider choosing this wine cooler as it can accommodate numerous drinks, which is good enough to accommodate all of your guests.

9. Aaobosi Wine Cooler Refrigerator 15 Inch Dual Zone

Aaobosi Wine Cooler Refrigerator 15 Inch Dual Zone

This wine cooler by Aaobosi uses a compressor-based cooling system that helps in keeping the stored wines fresh and high-quality. The fans that power the unit is effective in improving the air circulation.

This unit can hold up to 30 wine bottles. Furthermore, the heat-resistant glass doors are highly reinforced to keep the wines inside protected against artificial aging. The frames are made out of durable stainless steel.

I really love the effect that the LED lights give as it makes the wine cooler look more modernized and luxurious. It is undoubtedly ideal not just for homes but also for clubs and restaurants.

The temperature that runs inside is very stable. And since this wine cooler is dual-zone, I can easily adjust the temperature for each zone. Since I like my red wine colder than usual, I always make sure to put them in the upper zone. The white wines and other beverages are placed in the lower zone.

The controls of this unit are very responsive and easy to use. The wooden shelves are also non-slip and sturdy. The doors can be locked safely so that children won’t accidentally open them.

The downside, on the other hand, is its slightly noisy operation.


  • Compressor-based; great air circulation system
  • Luxurious design; with soft LED lights
  • Can hold up to 30 wine bottles
  • Heat-resistant glass doors are highly reinforced
  • User-friendly and responsive controls


  • Slightly noisy operation

Stable temperature, large capacity, and responsive controls are the main strengths of this wine cooler. If these features are important to you, you can consider purchasing this unit.

10. NewAir Slim Dual Zone

NewAir Slim Dual Zone

The main feature of this wine cooler that I really like is its compact design. I can easily fit it into a base cabinet or a room with limited space. It does not consume too much space so I never have any problems moving it anywhere I want.

Since it is a dual-zone wine cooler, the temperature controls are also separate. It makes it easy for me to divide my wine collection into two sections with their designated temperatures.

One thing that made me quite impressed by this unit is its top-quality glass door. It is triple-insulated, making it highly efficient in containing the correct temperature inside the wine cooler.

Another thing that makes the glass door extraordinary is its high resistance to UV lights. UV lights can normally affect the aroma, flavor, and quality of the wine. But since the glass door can penetrate and shield UV rays very well, your wines will surely stay in their top condition.

Although the cooling system is compressor-based, this wine cooler does not produce irritating noises. Because of this, I was able to place this wine cooler in my office without getting distracted.

The exterior part of the wine cooler is made out of dent-resistant and durable stainless material.

The disadvantage of this wine cooler is its temperature stability. It tends to malfunction and fluctuate sometimes.


  • Very compact design
  • Triple-layered and UV-resistant glass door
  • Noiseless operation
  • Helps in maintaining the original flavor and aroma of wines
  • Durable stainless steel


  • The temperature tends to fluctuate sometimes

Nevertheless, this wine cooler is still considered a decent unit. It helps in effectively preserving the quality of your wines.

Things You Should Consider When Buying a Wine Cooler

How to choose wine cooler

1. Space Size

It is important to determine first the space size of the wine cooler you wish to buy to help you know if it can fit your interior space. For example, if you have a lot of furniture, appliances, or decorations in your house, it would be impractical to buy a large-sized wine cooler as it might consume too much space. A small-sized wine cooler might be a better choice.

However, if you have plenty of space in your kitchen or living room, there won’t be any problems if you are going to purchase a large-sized wine cooler. So, before purchasing one, you have to first identify how much extra space you have in your interior space.

If you plan on placing the wine cooler between two pieces of furniture or cabinets, it is highly recommended to measure the space precisely. You also have to make sure that there is an extra space for opening the door of your wine cooler.

2. Capacity

Aside from the total size of the wine cooler, it is also necessary to know its capacity. This refers to how many wine bottles can the wine cooler store. All wine cooler manufacturers indicate the maximum capacity of their wine coolers.

So, if you wish to greatly expand your wine collection, it’s best to consider buying a dual-zone wine cooler with a bigger capacity to make sure that you can store all of them properly.

3. Temperature Zone

The right temperature zone will mostly depend on your pre-planned use. It will also depend on how long you wish to store your wines in your wine cooler.

Normally, there are three types of temperature zones: single-temperature zone, dual-temperature zone, and triple-temperature zone.

Single-temperature zone wine cooler works with just one zone of temperature control. The whole cooler is powered by a single temperature only. This category is recommended if you only collect one type of wine. A single-temperature zone wine cooler works great enough to keep your wines properly chilled and ready to drink anytime.

Dual-temperature zone wine coolers are the most popular option among the three. Generally, this type of wine cooler has two sections with independent temperature controls. With this type, you can store your white wines in the ready-to-serve section, while the other side can be used to store your red wines at their much-needed temperature.

Triple-temperature zone wine coolers, however, are the most expensive option. This option contains 3 sections with individual cooling zones. This is a great option if you are storing 3 kinds of wine.

4. Charcoal Air Filter

The main function of a charcoal air filter is to purify the air that enters your wine cooler. This technology also helps in preventing any airborne elements that might affect the flavor and aroma of your wines.

Moreover, charcoal air filters are designed to minimize dust accumulation inside the wine cooler. So, it is highly recommended to go for a wine cooler with a charcoal air filter. But, if you are considering this option, remember that you will have to replace the filter every 6 months to maintain its efficiency.

5. Type of Cooler

There are 2 types of cooling systems – thermoelectric and compressor-based.

  • Thermoelectric: This cooling systemis considered a much safer option as it does not use unsafe materials to facilitate the cooling operation. It relies on the effect called Peltier. Whenever an electric charge powers the two joint metal pieces, heat flux is released, and that heat is transferred to the back of the unit, while the interior part gets cold.
  • Compressor-based: This cooling system works exactly like a typical refrigerator. It uses a liquid refrigerant that circulates through the compressor unit to keep the interior part very cold while expelling hot air. In terms of keeping the coldness of your wines, compressor-based is more superior to thermoelectric.

Wine coolers can either be in a freestanding or built-in setup. A freestanding wine cooler can be placed in any place where there’s sufficient space except under your counter. A built-in wine cooler is permanently installed in a particular place, such as under the counter, but you have to ensure that it properly ventilates to prevent overheating.

6. Design and Other Features

Each wine cooler has different designs and features. Some wine coolers include LED lights to give a satisfactory amount of UV light so that you can clearly see your wines even without opening the door.

Moreover, some high-end wine coolers have unique touch controls that make the design more luxurious. Some of these wine coolers offer smart features that allow you to control their temperature using your smartphone.

Talking about the doors, there are wine coolers that come with lockable doors to prevent kids from gaining access to your wine collection. Some units are even installed with door alarms that alert you whenever the temperature drops.

You should also ensure that the glass doors of the wine cooler you will buy are UV-resistant. Indeed, UV-resistant doors can help in preventing your wines from getting affected by the harmful sunlight rays and effects.

Lastly, if you are also collecting huge wine bottles such as champagne, you can also try looking for a wine cooler with an adjustable shelving. Shelves that are made out of high-class wood could work better than metal shelves to minimize label scratching. With adjustable shelves, it’s a lot easier to store and access your wine collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - dual zone wine coolers

1. Why buy a dual-zone wine cooler?

It is quite essential to own a dual-zone wine cooler, especially if you are fond of storing or collecting wines. Normally, dual-zone wine coolers do have a bigger size and capacity. So, if you are truly a wine enthusiast, a dual-zone unit is a must-buy so you can properly store your wines even for a very long time.

2. What does dual zone mean in a wine cooler?

A dual-zone wine cooler allows you to keep two sections in their respective temperature zones inside a single wine cooler. Meaning, you can freely assign one section for red wines only, while the other section can be used to store white wines only. Those two sections have their individual temperature control settings.

3. Do dual zone wine coolers work?

Yes. Dual-zone wine coolers work very efficiently. Since the storage space of a dual-zone wine cooler is divided in half, it does an excellent job in terms of storing two different types of wine.

For example, it can help in protecting your white wine collection from getting oxidized by means of storing it at a section with a much lower temperature. At the same time, it allows you to properly store your wines at their best serving temperatures. Anytime you want to drink, you can enjoy a well-chilled wine.

4. How long should a wine fridge last?

Generally speaking, the common lifespan of a wine fridge is around 10 to 20 years. Every wine cooler manufacturer can promise that their unit can last for decades.

However, you should remember that the longevity of every wine cooler will mostly depend on how you use and take care of it. To effectively keep your wine cooler in its top condition, be sure to follow all the installation and maintenance requirements that are indicated on the user’s instruction manual.

5. Should red wine be stored in a wine fridge?

Storing your red wine in a wine fridge can be very beneficial. With the right temperature, the wine cooler can help in maintaining the flavor and aroma of your red wine. Meaning, your red wine collection remains at its prime quality when it is stored in a wine fridge even long-term.

6. What’s the best temperature for serving white wine?

The best temperature serving a lighter white wine is around 44°F to 50°F (7°C to 10°C). Those types of white wines with more oak are best served at a warmer temperature of around 50°F to 55°F (10°C to 13°C).

7. What’s the best temperature for serving red wine?

In general, the best temperature for serving red wine is around 55°F to 65°F (12°C to 18°C). The flavor turns a bit bland when the red wine is very cold. However, the alcoholic taste of red wines becomes dominant when they are too warm.

8. How do I clean my wine cooler?

Here are some of the steps on how you can effectively clean your wine cooler:

  • Prepare the wine cooler for its cleaning operation: Remove the plug of the wine cooler and unload all the wines inside. Detach all the shelves as you will need to clean them as well.
  • Make sure to prepare the correct cleaning solution: Although bleaches and other chemically based cleaners are great disinfectants, they can produce harmful scents that can negatively affect the quality of your wines. The safest cleaning solution is a mixture of water and vinegar. Vinegar has antibacterial properties that are effective in removing the germs and stains inside your wine cooler.
  • Put the cleaning solution in a spray and use it to spray all the surfaces inside: Spray all the parts, including the tight spaces inside your wine cooler. Do not forget to clean the shelves with your cleaning solution. After that, make sure to wipe them with a microfiber towel or lint-free cloth.
  • Leave the door open to let the air out: Let all interior parts and surfaces dry by leaving the door open for a few hours. After that, you can now attach the shelves again and put back all of your wines inside the wine cooler.


Finding the best dual zone wine coolers is not an easy task. It is a big investment that requires you to do some research about the wine cooler you are planning to buy.

Therefore, it’s quite necessary to consider several factors when buying a wine cooler such as the size, capacity, temperature zone, cooler type, and design. The wine coolers that I have shown you above are indeed the top picks on the market. But still, the final decision will be yours to make.

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