The 10 Best Combination Ovens Combo in 2021 to Rock Your Next Recipes!

There are so many ways you can cook your favorite food. You can toast bread, bake pizza, roast chicken, fry spring rolls, and so much more. However, because of all the different cooking methods, you’ll need multiple kitchen appliances.

What happens if you don’t have enough space or budget to invest in all the kitchen appliances? Toaster, air fryer, oven, griller, not all of us have enough room for all these. That’s where a combination oven combo comes along!

From saving on space to being cost-effective, combination ovens can have you heat your food, baking dishes or pastries, and much more. But we’ll get to those nitty-gritty details in the next section.

That said, it’s challenging to figure out the best combination ovens combo with the many brands and models available. I’ll help you figure out what to invest in with this quick buying guide. Read on!

The 10 Best Combination Ovens Combo

1. Samsung MG14H3020CM Countertop Grill Microwave Oven

Samsung MG14H3020CM Countertop Grill Microwave Oven

The Samsung Microwave Oven is one of the sleekest kitchen appliances you’ll own! I love how strong and durable it looks and matches the modern kitchen with its mirror design. It isn’t only aesthetic, but the construction is impressive, and given that it’s a Samsung, I wouldn’t have expected less.

It’s made with a ceramic enamel interior that’s scratch-resistant and easy to clean. While it isn’t covered in stainless steel, it has a metal finish and is made with solid materials to last. It also has a grilling element and a ceramic plate to prepare and cook crispy dishes, such as pizza.

As for its functions, it offers many good cooking options, such as baking, microwaving, and grilling. You can reheat food, cook vegetables, bake small batches of cookies, and it will be put up to daily use for years to come. This smart kitchen appliance can meet your cooking needs while looking great on your kitchen countertop.


  • Sleek design that looks great in modern kitchens
  • Durable and can last with daily use for at least 3-5 years
  • The additional heating element that heats and cooks food well


  • May not crisp food as expected
  • No directions to use the combi or grill features

2. Cuisinart CMW-200 1.2-Cubic-Foot

Cuisinart CMW-200 1.2-Cubic-Foot

Cuisinart is well known for its kitchen appliances, and its convection microwave oven is no exception. What’s great about this microwave oven is its modern look with touchpad controls.

There are a variety of functions to choose from, such as two defrost functions, convection baking and roasting, and the like. The touchpad offers preset when cooking particular food like popcorn, potatoes, frozen vegetables, fresh vegetables, reheating, heating beverages, grilling, baking, and the like. It offers exceptional power no matter the function you choose, which heats, cooks, and defrosts anything evenly and efficiently.

The Cuisinart Combination Oven may be a bit pricey, but you actually get more than what you pay for with its unique and powerful features. If you can spend a bit more on a combination oven combo and want the works in just one appliance, you’ll love what Cuisinart has to offer.


  • Includes an instruction and recipe book
  • So many cooking functions and options to choose from for versatility
  • Portable and lightweight, easy to store if needed


  • Some complaints about the durability
  • It only comes with a limited warranty

3. Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Countertop Oven

Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Countertop Oven

The Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven is straightforward and versatile. Many will appreciate its simplicity and function because you can toast, bake, and broil food in a small appliance.

It can toast and heat food well, and while small, it’s sizable enough to fit a 9-inch pizza. Furthermore, it has an extra-wide toast slot that holds bread and artisan bread, and bagels. The baking, broiling, and toasting functions are adequate, with the oven heating quickly to cook food efficiently.

If you’re looking for something straightforward and affordable, you’ll like this toaster oven. Hamilton Beach is a reputable brand known for their cost-effective appliances, so you won’t have to spend a lot. Granted, it doesn’t have a lot of extra features, but for its price, you receive more than enough for your breads and baked goods.


  • It heats up fairly quickly for easy cooking
  • Simple but with efficient performance
  • Great customer service


  • Some complaints of the bottom heating element not working
  • The metal racks of the toaster are a bit flimsy

4. COSORI Toaster Oven Combo

COSORI Toaster Oven Combo

The COSORI Toaster Oven Combo is another sleek yet straightforward kitchen appliance that can do many things. It can toast, broil, bake, warm, roast, ferment, and even dehydrate food! It’s also reasonably sizable, with the 25L capacity fitting a large pizza, suitable for a medium-sized family.

The oven is convenient, as you can easily control it with the LED display and knobs. It’s easy to understand how to use it at first, too. Like Hamilton Beach, it comes with a recipe book you can refer to.

If you want something simple to use without it taking too much space, you’ll like the COSORI Oven Combo. It also comes with everything you need, from the rotisserie fork and handle, crumb and food tray, and wire rack. From the large capacity to complete package, you get the bang for your buck!


  • Non-stick interiors for easy cleaning
  • Large capacity for prominent families
  • Easy to understand and use


  • A few complaints about how slow it is to heat
  • The grease may drip on the countertop

5. Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo

Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo

The DAWAD Toaster Oven offers seven different functions, including an air fryer. If you’re looking for an air fryer, this is for you. Besides air frying, you can also use this oven to warm, bake, broil, or toast food. It comes with various functional accessories, such as a dishwasher-safe air fryer basket, crumb tray, oven rack, and baking pan.

It looks like your standard oven with the 4-knob operation, but it’s a bit smaller and can fit most homes. It can fit a whole rotisserie chicken or a 12-inch pizza, which serves the entire family.

For those who need a toaster, oven, and air fryer, you’ll appreciate this appliance. It can bake and fry almost anything without requiring extra oil, making it suitable for those on a health kick.


  • It has an air frying function for less oil usage and better health
  • Simple to use with 4-knob operation and small enough to fit countertops
  • Easy to use and read the dials and functions


  • There is no pause or off buttons
  • Heats up more than the indicated temperature sometimes

6. Sharp SMC1585BB Countertop Microwave Oven

Sharp SMC1585BB Countertop Microwave Oven

The Sharp Microwave Oven is known for its modern look and high-quality performance. It is sizable enough with a large interior cooking area. Furthermore, it packs a punch in power, heating up reasonably quickly and with adequate functions.

You can use the cooking menu to set the time and temperature based on what you’re putting in, such as frozen food, popcorn, beverages, potatoes, or frozen vegetables. The microwave also features a Precise Cooking Technology and auto defrost options according to the type of food you put in.

For a Sharp kitchen appliance, you get more than what you pay for. It has more power, cooks food efficiently, and has enough interior capacity to feed a big family. While a bit harder to clean, it isn’t a huge caveat.


  • Sizable cooking compartment to heat large amounts of food
  • One-touch panel to easily use and set the cooking time
  • A lot of power and heats up efficiently


  • Hard to clean the exteriors
  • Complaints of receiving dented units

7. KitchenAid KCO124BM Digital Countertop Oven

7. KitchenAid KCO124BM Digital Countertop Oven

KitchenAid is a brand to trust, with the Countertop Oven looking and performing amazingly. It acts as an oven and air fryer in one, offering advanced technologies to ensure that you get the best out of the food you cook or reheat.

It features Even-Heat Convection Technology with the top and bottom heating element, along with a convection fan, to ensure the oven is heated and maintains the correct temperature. It also comes with nine cooking functions: proofing, dehydration, toasting, baking, and more!

People won’t have trouble using the oven because it comes with two simple dials and an LCD panel to accurately set the timer and temperature. As for the performance, it holds up well and preheats within minutes.


  • Nine different functions that work accurately
  • Heats within 4 minutes and heats food evenly
  • Sleek and modern design with a large cooking capacity


  • The exterior may burn your hands!
  • It takes up too much counter space.

8. Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN686S

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN686S

The Panasonic Microwave Oven packs a punch with its power and smart technologies.

It has an Inverter Technology and Turbo Defrost, so it will continually deliver seamless power and evenly heated food, lessening the risk of overcooking. The Turbo Defrost feature helps quicken the defrosting time.

It also includes smart Cooking Settings and a Genius Sensor to adjust the time and power depending on the food you’ll cook. The microwave oven also has extra features such as preset menu items, delay start, a timer, and a safety lock.

The microwave is compact with a thinner yet robust construction that takes up less space and is easy to carry as needed. This is a great choice for those who need something more compact but with all the cooking methods you need from a smart kitchen appliance.


  • Lightweight and takes up less space than other ovens
  • Many smart technologies that make cooking easier and quicker
  • Have pre-programmed stages, delay start, and safety locks


  • Some people may not like the door opening mechanism
  • Hard to see the food inside

9. Emerson MWG9115SB Griller Microwave Oven

Emerson MWG9115SB Griller Microwave Oven

The Emerson Microwave Oven has everything you need with pre-programmed recipes, power levels, and ease of use. You can choose what pre-programmed recipe you’ll use based on what you plan to cook or heat and select a certain power level, including a grilling option.

The microwave has no extra features, but its no-frills design makes it easy to use and understand. For its price, you get great value and can use it for a few years without issues. Plus, it has the modern look, made of stainless-steel material. So it doesn’t only perform well, but it looks great in the kitchen.

The Emerson Oven Combo is best suited for those on a budget. There are minor design flaws, but it doesn’t affect the performance of the oven combo. For its price and power, you get good value.


  • It comes at an affordable price with fair value
  • Has pre-programmed functions to make it easier to prepare food
  • Adequate heating time and convection to heat and cook food


  • It makes a loud buzzing sound
  • The oven sometimes slides when you pull the door handle

10. GE Profile PEB9159SJSS Microwave Oven

GE Profile PEB9159SJSS Microwave Oven

Lastly, the GE Profile Oven has the power and necessary functions that anyone will appreciate. However, while the microwave is powerful, its broiler and convection options don’t have as much energy, so it takes a bit of time to cook and heat.

But even then, you get good value with its features. It has sensor cooking controls that would automatically adjust the power and time for optimum results. It even comes with a rack that allows air circulation for even heating. While it isn’t the first choice, it’s one of the best for its affordability and durability, though invest a few extra dollars in a warranty.

If you’re looking for something more affordable that holds all the basics without the frills, you’ll like the GE Profile. While it doesn’t give the most power, it gets the job done and can have you heat or cook your food efficiently.


  • Very simple and easy to use with a variety of features
  • Stainless steel interior that has a low profile to fit under cabinets well
  • It has a convection roast feature that can alternate convection and microwave heating


  • Complaints about the weak convection and broiler strength
  • It doesn’t come with a free warranty

What’s a Toaster Oven and Combination Oven?

What’s a Combination Oven

You’ve probably seen more and more people investing in toaster ovens for their kitchen. But what are toaster ovens anyway? What do they even do, and how do they differ from actual toasters or ovens?

As the name suggests, toaster ovens are smaller than ovens but a tad bigger than toasters, perfect for someone who needs a range but has no space at home. It’s also great for those on a budget because it’s more affordable than actual ovens.

You can mount toaster ovens on your kitchen wall or place them on the counter, lightweight and easily fitting in kitchen cabinets for storage. Toaster ovens have two electric heating elements at the top and bottom to heat up quickly and cook and bake anything fast.

They are also easy and convenient to use with a lot of power, though this depends on your product’s wattage. It can use between 800-1,500 watts, with many people getting 1,200-watt devices.

Toaster ovens have more cooking space than toasters with 2-4 slots to toast bread and waffles. Think of these as mini ovens so you can put more food that fits in larger rectangular dimensions. Some can be big enough to fit a 12-inch pizza.

Compared to toasters, toaster ovens have even more advanced control settings. Rather than just having a number dial, toaster ovens would have a timer, temperature control, and various cooking modes.

Toaster ovens have mechanical or digital settings with responsive heating elements that cook food through convection, conduction, or radiant heat transfer.

What makes it different from microwaves? Well, microwaves would have a different cooking process. Microwaves use microwaves, or electromagnetic waves, to heat their food. Toaster ovens use infrared radiation.

Toaster ovens can help brown bread and other food at various levels. It can also have you roast food. It also has other functions like broiling, baking, and defrosting. Microwaves have no browning or toasting process, though it has a short cooking and heating time, ideal for defrosting or reheating food.

The Benefits of a Toaster Oven and Combination Ovens Combo

Benefits of Combination Ovens Combo

Now that you know what a toaster oven is, the following question: Why does everyone have it at home? You’ll be surprised by the many benefits a toaster oven has. Check out these benefits:

1. Many Features to Choose From

Toasters only toast bread or waffles. Toaster ovens can do far more than that. It can easily prepare various kinds of food, whether sweet or savory. It’s an alternative to larger kitchen ovens, so whatever you can do with an actual oven, you can do in a toaster oven, though at a smaller size.

You can toast and bake in a combination oven cmbo, and it is similar to countertop ovens. You can even roast, grill, and defrost in toaster ovens. Some even have the option to air fry your food for a healthier solution! There are many smart features and wide temperature controls to ensure your food is cooked well.

2. Save on Space

Toaster ovens and combination oven combos are light and portable. They are actually a bit bigger than toasters but far smaller than standard ovens, making them perfect in small houses and apartments. You can place them on your countertop permanently or put them in your pantry to take them out when you need them.

It’s so simple to set up; simply place it on a steady surface and plug it in, and you’re ready to use it! Once you’re done using it, let it cool down and store it correctly in your pantry or storage area again.

3. It’s Cost-Efficient

Given their smaller size, toaster ovens and combination oven combos are more energy-efficient compared to full-sized ovens. It would use only half the energy standard ovens use. And if you only plan to cook a small amount of food, you save lots of money on electricity.

Besides this, these appliances will preheat quickly, thanks to their smaller size, so you won’t have to keep them on for long periods.

And the price of purchasing the toaster oven itself is more affordable than the standard oven. If you’re on a budget but still want an oven for your recipes, this one’s the perfect alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about toaster ovens and microwave ovens with these frequently asked questions:

1. Do Toaster Ovens Have Microwave Functions?

Yes, many toaster ovens offer microwave functions to heat your food, defrost frozen meats, pop your popcorn, and more. However, not all toaster ovens have this option, so you must read more about the product before getting it!

2. Is There a Microwave That Toasts Bread?

Microwaves do not toast bread. Your bread will dry up and turn rubbery, so there’s no crunch to it. You’re better off with a microwave oven, which has toasting AND microwave functions.

3. Is There a Combination Oven Microwave?

Yes, there are combination oven microwaves! Toaster ovens also have microwave and oven functions, so you get everything in one.

4. Is There a Combo Microwave and Toaster Oven?

As mentioned, there is a toaster oven that has a microwave, toaster, and oven functions. You can refer to the products above to see which one of them offers all the controls and functions you need.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, you learned a lot about what type of combination oven to get and why they are worth the investment. Look into getting any of these models and see how they can change the way you prepare your favorite dishes and baked goods now! If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences with any of these products, share them in the comments section below. All your thoughts are much appreciated.

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