Best Built-in Wine Coolers on the Market 2021

Do you have a collection of your favorite wines? If yes, where do you store them? Well, proper and safe storage is essential for wine collectors and enthusiasts. You don’t just store your well-loved collection of wines in a random place where their quality can be negatively affected.

That’s actually one of the reasons why you need to look for the best built-in wine coolers. With the right wine cooler, you can keep your wines properly stored and well-maintained. If you’re planning on purchasing a wine cooler, several factors should be assessed – capacity, thermostat, energy use, cooling system, door quality, durability, and price.

As you read on, I will show you some of the top built-in wine coolers along with their feedback. Also, I will provide several guidelines on how you can pick the best unit.

Best Built-in Wine Coolers on the Market

1. Kalamera 24” Wine Cooler

Kalamera 24'' Wine Cooler

It is quite important to pick a wine cooler that is very durable and has a high storage capacity. If these things are important to you, this wine cooler by Kalamera could be the best option! This unit is made out of a specially constructed stainless steel frame. The glass door is built with double-layered tempered glass.

If you are a true wine enthusiast, this wine cooler is undoubtedly a great choice because of its high capacity. It can hold up to 46 wine bottles! Indeed, this is a perfect choice if you love collecting different types of wine.

This dual-zone wine cooler is ideal for separating your red and white wine collection. You can easily control the temperature for each zone with its LED control display. Moreover, although it is very efficient in stabilizing the temperature in each zone, the operation remains noiseless.

This wine cooler uses an automatic defrosting feature which is quite useful in terms of preventing your wines from getting overly chilled and frozen. It automatically defrosts itself every six hours to maintain the most precise temperature for your wines.

Adding another dimension, the glass door is quite thick and durable. It helps in keeping the temperature levels stable inside the wine cooler. Also, the two layers of tempered glass prevent the glass from fogging.

It also contains five well-built wooden shelves that are detachable. You won’t have to worry about getting your wine bottles to slide and fall to the ground as every wooden shelf comes with a reliable stopper.

Furthermore, this wine cooler can be installed as freestanding or built-in. I recommend using this as a built-in wine cooler since its black air outlet is placed under the glass door. This means that the heat is dissipated in a forward direction. Plus, this wine cooler is very easy to install.

The only minor downside of this wine cooler is its lock system. It seems low-security. A child can easily access the wines inside.


  • Well-built stainless steel frame and double-layered tempered glass door
  • Can hold up to 46 wine bottles
  • Dual-zone unit with LED control display
  • Automatic defrosting function
  • Contains five durable wooden shelves with stoppers


  • Low-security lock system

Nonetheless, this wine cooler is no doubt an excellent selection for wine collectors and enthusiasts. It uses a very advanced technology that is beneficial when it comes to maintaining the taste, aroma, and freshness of your wines.

2. Antarctic Star 24″ Wine Cooler

Antarctic Star 24" Wine Cooler

This wine cooler by Antarctic Star is an exceptional choice as it is very efficient in terms of keeping the temperature stabilized. Because of its stable and functional air-cooling technology, all of the wine bottles inside remain at their most appropriate temperature.

Another thing that makes this wine cooler an excellent option is its capacity. It can accommodate 46 wine bottles! This is quite a huge bottle capacity for its compact size. Moreover, it’s easy to see your wine collection because of the assistive LED lights.

Using it as a built-in wine cooler would be a better idea as it can help you save some space. You won’t have to worry about the heat released by the wine cooler’s exterior. It won’t be dangerous since the air outlet is placed at the front of the unit.

The design of this unit is very elegant and heavy-duty. The main body, door frames, and handles are all made out of high-grade stainless steel. The glass window is very thick as it contains two layers of top-quality tempered glass panes. The shelves are also made out of beech wood.

Another thing that makes the glass window extra special is its resistance to UV rays. UV rays can badly affect the flavor and quality of your wines. But thanks to the UV-resistant and high-protection glass window of this unit, your wines will stay in their top condition.

If you like to keep your wine collection more organized, I must say that this wine cooler can also help you do that. Since it uses two temperature zones, you have two sections to keep your red and white wines separated. Each zone uses independent temperature control settings.

My only concern about this wine cooler is its slightly noisy operation.


  • Air-cooling technology; stable temperature
  • Compact size yet maximum of 46 wine bottles can be stored
  • Very durable and heavy-duty design
  • UV-resistant glass window
  • Dual-zone temperature


  • Slightly noisy operation

Therefore, this unit is indeed helpful in maintaining the chillness and quality of your wine collection. The temperature that runs inside the unit is very stable. Plus, the overall exterior design is attractive and the materials used are durable.

3. Lanbo Wine and Beverage Refrigerator

Lanbo Wine and Beverage Refrigerator

Some people do not just collect wines; they also store their favorite canned sodas or beers. If this is the case, you might consider using this wine cooler by Lanbo. It has two zones inside – the left zone is designed to accommodate up to 18 wine bottles, while the right zone can be stored with up to 55 canned beverages.

One of the main reasons why I highly recommend this wine cooler is because of its powerful compressor and fan cooling system. It efficiently keeps all the wines ideally chilled and the canned beverages extra cold.

Because of the circulation fans, the cold air is evenly distributed all over the wine cooler. The temperature inside is very stable. Hence, all of the wines and beverages inside are kept at their prime quality.

Although this wine cooler is suggestively for built-in setup, it can also be freestanding if your space allows it. But if you want to save some space, you can install it under the counter.

If you are not a techie person, you won’t have to worry about using this wine cooler as its digital controls are quite user-friendly. They are easy to set and control. Each temperature zone can be set with a touch-control panel and a digital display.

The design of this wine cooler is a bit different compared to standard wine coolers. The glass doors resemble a French door. This unit has two swing-out operating doors that function to enclose and secure the left and right cooling zones.

The shelves and their stoppers inside the left zone are made out of durable wood. They can be easily removed and cleaned. Moreover, I like its high-security lock that protects the wines inside. Its lock system also prevents the children from gaining access to your wine and beer collection.

The drawback of this wine cooler is its vibrating and noisy operation.


  • Can hold up to 18 wine bottles and 55 canned beverages
  • Powerful compressor and fan cooling system
  • Very stable and evenly distributed temperature
  • User-friendly digital controls
  • High-security lock system


  • Vibrating and noisy operation

Despite that minor issue, this wine cooler is still an excellent choice because of its powerful cooling capability and great capacity. It is not only designed for collecting wines, but also for providing your canned drinks with proper storage.

4. Kalamera 12” Wine Cooler

Kalamera 12'' Wine Cooler

The compact size of this single-temperature zone wine cooler by Kalamera makes it an ideal selection if you want to save some space in your room. Its slim and compact design helps in maintaining a stable temperature that keeps all the wines in their most ideal chillness.

Because of its sleek and slim body design, the installation process is much easier. You can easily place it under your counter in a built-in setup. By doing this, you can revamp the look of your kitchen while saving some space.

What makes this compressor-based unit exceptional is its low-vibrating and noiseless operation. It can also be placed in rooms where silence and peace matter, such as offices, working spaces, or master bedrooms.

The door uses double-paned glass which is quite effective in providing excellent insulation and stabilizing temperature. The elegant and durable door handle is made out of pure stainless steel.

The racks that hold the wine bottles are made from beech wood. They protect the wines with their non-slip surface and efficient stoppers.

The smart digital control is very easy to use and the LED display helps you to clearly see your desired temperature from 40°F to 66°F. Moreover, it has a temperature memory function that immediately restores the wine cooler to its set temperature after a power outage.

The only downside of this elegant wine cooler is its capacity. It can only hold up to 18 bottles, which is not that ideal for wine collectors.


  • Compact and slim design
  • Very easy to install under the counter
  • Low-vibrating and noiseless operation
  • Stabilized temperature
  • Temperature memory function


  • Can only hold up to 18 wine bottles

Nevertheless, I recommend this advanced wine cooler to those who have limited space in their houses. It is a very decent option to keep your wines properly stored. Plus, it won’t create any distractions as it operates quietly.

5. NewAir Slim Dual Zone Built-In

NewAir Slim Dual Zone Built-In

Do you have a large wine collection yet you want to save space? This dual-zone wine cooler by NewAir might be the right option for you! The width of the wine cooler is only 15 inches, yet it can accommodate up to 29 wine bottles.  It can be installed under the kitchen counter in a built-in setup.

This unit contains two zones – lower and upper zone. The lower zone is mostly for storing red wines, as they should be kept at a slightly warm temperature, while the upper zone is for storing wines that need to be in cold temperatures, such as white or sparkling wines.

What makes this wine cooler unique is the structure of the glass door. It uses three layers of glass panes to provide maximum insulation. The glass door does not fog and it helps in keeping the temperature very stable. Meaning, all of the wines inside are maintained at their respective temperature.

Although it is powered by a compressor, it still operates very quietly. It does not create any distractions. So there will be no problems if you will put it in your office or working space.

Each zone has its own temperature control settings. The digital controls are very easy to understand. They can be easily operated even by a non-techie person.

The drawback, on the other hand, is the quality of the wine cooler’s exterior. Even though it is made out of stainless steel, it easily gets dented.


  • Compact and slim design
  • A maximum of 29 wine bottles can be stored
  • Triple-layered glass panes
  • Quiet operation
  • Digital controls are easy to operate


  • The exterior of the wine cooler can be dented easily

In a nutshell, this noiseless and low-vibrating wine cooler is a great choice if you want to effectively keep your red and white collections at their original flavor and aroma.

6. Wine Cooler Dual Zone, AAOBOSI

Wine Cooler Dual Zone, AAOBOSI

If collecting different types of finest wines is your true passion, you can consider storing all of your wines in this high-capacity and efficient dual-zone wine cooler by AAOBOSI! This unit can accommodate up to 51 wine bottles, making it a very ideal choice for dedicated wine collectors and enthusiasts.

This upgraded version of this wine cooler is very effective in terms of maintaining the original flavor of your wines. Because of its functional air circulation system, the wines remain at their suitable temperature, which also helps them to stay in their prime condition.

The compressor that powers the unit is indeed high-quality as it can efficiently keep the temperature very constant yet the operation remains non-vibrating.

It also contains a high-efficiency filter system that maintains the purity and cleanliness of the air that circulates inside the unit, which is quite beneficial to protect your wines from harmful airborne elements.

The six shelves that are made from beech wood look really stylish as they contrast beautifully with the stainless steel exterior. These detachable and slidable shelves are well-built and easy to clean. They can also be adjusted whenever you like to store large-sized wine bottles.

Since this wine cooler has two zones, it is easy for a wine collector to store two types of wine separately. Each zone can be set to different temperatures to ensure that every wine is maintained at its most ideal temperature.

The only problem with this wine cooler is its slightly noisy operation. Because of the extra powerful compressor, it tends to produce a slightly loud noise.


  • Can hold up to 51 wine bottles
  • Functional air circulation system
  • High-efficiency filter system
  • Detachable and adjustable shelves
  • Dual-zone temperature


  • Slightly noisy operation

If you are looking for a high-capacity wine cooler that can help you properly store your white and red wines at their desirable temperatures, this unit is indeed a great option.-

7. Phiestina 46 Bottle Wine Cooler

Phiestina 46 Bottle Wine Cooler

Phiestina offers an advanced, low-noise, and high-functioning compressor-based cooling system that is very energy-efficient and effective when it comes to stabilizing the temperature that runs all over the wine cooler.

This dual-zone unit is a good option if you want to store both white and wines either short-term or long-term. The upper zone is very ideal for storing white wines as it can provide 40°F to 50°F of temperature. The lower zone, however, is good for keeping red wines to keep them at a slightly warm temperature.

The storage capacity of this unit is quite high as it can hold up to 46 wine bottles. But that capacity might be reduced if you wish to store larger-sized bottles.

No temperature issues are experienced when using this wine cooler. The temperature is evenly distributed to every part of each zone.

The reversible door also makes this wine cooler convenient to use, especially for left-handed people. It allows you to use the door hinge located on the left side if there is only limited space on the right side.

There will be no overheating experienced as the front vent works very excellently. The released heat instantly goes away under the glass door to keep the compressor from working functionally.

The compact size of the unit makes it very ideal to be built under a counter. This is quite a great idea if you wish to save some space in a specific room.

The only downside of this unit is the material used for the shelves, which is also steel. These shelves tend to scratch my wine bottles whenever I store them.


  • Low-noise and high-functioning compressor
  • Dual-zone unit
  • Temperature is stable and evenly distributed
  • Reversible door
  • Highly efficient front vent


  • Steel-made shelves tend to scratch wine bottles

In spite of that minor downside, this wine cooler is still a very decent and efficient unit. I still recommend this wine cooler particularly if you like collecting different types of wine in a single unit. Its high storage capacity is what also makes it an impressive option.

8. TYLZA 15 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler

TYLZA 15 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler

If you like your wines to get quickly chilled, I highly recommend this dual-zone wine cooler by TYLZA. The compressor that this unit uses is so advanced that it can efficiently make the wines appropriately chilled in less than 45 minutes.

This wine cooler can accommodate up to 30 wine bottles. You can also store larger bottles such as champagnes, but the storage capacity might decrease. It also has two zones with individual temperature control settings.

Moreover, this unit runs in a noiseless and non-vibrating operation. Meaning, there are no distractions created whenever this unit operates.

If you want to clean the wooden shelves, you won’t have to worry about detaching them easily. They can also be adjusted according to your preferred height so you can store larger-sized bottles. These shelves are quite durable and well-constructed.

The glass door used in this wine cooler is made out of UV-resistant and dual-layered tempered glass doors. This feature protects the wines against harmful UV rays.

This unit also has a temperature memory feature which helps in quickly restoring the wine cooler’s set temperature after a power loss.

On the other hand, there is one issue that I found in this unit, and that is the stability of the temperature when it is fully loaded with wine bottles. It tends to have a hard time cooling all of the wines inside.


  • Can quickly make the wines cold enough to be drank
  • Large storage capacity
  • Noiseless operation
  • UV-resistant and dual-layered tempered glass door
  • Temperature memory function


  • The temperature is unstable when the unit is fully loaded with wine bottles

Anyhow, I am still impressed by the features and capability of this wine cooler. It works effectively in preserving the quality of the wines.

9. Kalamera Wine and Beverage Refrigerator

Kalamera Wine and Beverage Refrigerator

If showcasing your wine collection is what you are planning to do, you might want to achieve it by storing them in this luxurious wine cooler by Kalamera! In terms of revamping the overall look of your space, this wine cooler is indeed an excellent choice.

The storage capacity of this dual-zone wine cooler is very high. The left zone is solely designed for holding up to 20 wine bottles, while the right zone can hold up to 78 canned beverages. This unit is not only for wine collectors but also for those who love drinking canned sodas and beers.

However, aside from its very stylish and attractive appearance, this wine cooler also works efficiently in maintaining the aroma, flavor, and overall quality of your wine collection. This wine cooler can be installed under a kitchen counter so you can save space.

Furthermore, this unit also uses a smart temperature memory feature that automatically activates after a power interruption. After a power loss, the unit will instantly return to its set temperature to ensure that all of your wines remain at their suitable temperature.

The design of the glass doors is French door-type which can be opened at the middle part in an outswing direction. They have an ergonomic design that offers an easy opening. Plus, there are LED lights that keep the interior illuminated.

The drawback, on the other hand, is its price. It’s a lot pricier than its competitors.


  • Luxurious design
  • Can hold up to 20 wine bottles and 78 canned beverages
  • Helps maintain the flavor and aroma of the wines
  • Smart temperature memory function
  • Ergonomically designed French door-type glass doors


  • Very pricy

This exquisitely designed wine cooler is an excellent option to showcase your wine collection and preserve its quality at the same time.

10. Antarctic Star 15″ Wine Cooler Beverage Refrigerator

Antarctic Star 15" Wine Cooler Beverage Refrigerator

This affordable wine cooler by Antarctic Star is truly a wise buy if you wish to get a very decent wine cooler but want to save money. Compared to other units, this unit is indeed inexpensive. But, you will still be impressed by its features.

This wine cooler has a maximum storage capacity of 28 differently-sized wine bottles. Since its width is only 15 inches, you can save enough space for your room. You can even have it in a built-in setup by installing it below your kitchen counter.

You also won’t have to worry about placing or installing this wine cooler in your working space, bedroom, or office because it does not create any buzzing noises. You can also see the wines clearly as it uses interior LED blue lights.

The stainless steel body of this unit is frost-free and dent-resistant. The door handle is made out of pure stainless steel as well. Plus, the glass door uses two layers of tempered glass to help keep the temperature inside constant.

The removable and adjustable shelves are made from beech wood. They also have a non-slip surface and wooden stoppers to prevent the wines from falling to the ground.

The only issue with this wine cooler is its lock system. It can be easily opened. A child can easily gain access to the wines inside.


  • Affordable
  • Compact size; ideal for a built-in setup
  • Does not create buzzing noises
  • The glass door uses dual-layered tempered glass
  • Non-slip, removable, and adjustable wooden shelves


  • Low-security lock system

Nevertheless, this wine cooler is still a decent option, especially when it comes to its affordability, capacity, and noiseless operation.

11. NewAir Wine Cooler with 46 Bottle Capacity

NewAir Wine Cooler with 46 Bottle Capacity

NewAir is one of the manufacturers that makes high-capacity and quiet wine coolers. Well, this dual-zone wine cooler that NewAir manufactured is a good choice, especially if you like collecting both red and white wines.

Even though this wine cooler uses a compressor-based cooling system, you will never be distracted by its operation as it is truly quiet and low-vibrating.

The size of this unit is quite compact, which makes it easy to install under base cabinets or counters. However, it can also be in a freestanding setup if you are not yet sure where to place it.

The digital controls are indeed user-friendly. You can effortlessly adjust the temperature from 40°F to 66°F. The lower zone is ideal for storing red wines to keep them at a moderately warm temperature, while the upper zone is good for storing white or sparkling wines.

The front vents in this unit are beneficial in terms of preventing the unit from overheating when installed under the counter.

The glass door is quite durable and protective as it is reinforced with three layers of tempered glass panes. It also adds better insulation and protection against harmful UV rays.

However, although the digitals controls are easy to use and understand, they are not that responsive sometimes.


  • Quiet compressor
  • Compact size
  • Dual-zone unit
  • Efficient front vents
  • UV-resistant and triple-layered glass doors


  • Digital controls tend to be unresponsive at times

Anyhow, this wine cooler is a good choice, particularly if you are planning to install or place it in a room where silence matters as it operates quietly. The glass door and stainless steel frames are also quite durable and high-quality.

12. EdgeStar 30

EdgeStar 30

Do you wish to start collecting different types of wine? Well, if you are planning to do it, this wine cooler by EdgeStar could be an ideal selection! This single-zone unit is effective in keeping your wines chilled.

The internal fan is well-built and functional and it assists in evenly circulating and distributing the cool air inside the wine cooler. An efficient carbon filter is also installed to keep the circulating air purified and safe.

Moreover, this unit has an automatic defrosting function. Meaning, this wine cooler automatically defrosts itself when frosting inside the unit is already detected. This feature prevents the wines from getting overly chilled.

The glass door has reversible hinges and two layers of glass panes. It also contains a high-security lock to secure the unit and prevent children from accessing your wine collection.

Because of the rubber bushing installed in this unit, the vibration and noise made by the compressor are quite decreased.

This unit can be installed under the counter so you can save space. But it can also be used in a freestanding application.

The downside, however, is the stability of the temperature. It tends to fluctuate at times.


  • Functional internal fan
  • Efficient and purifying carbon filter
  • Automatic defrosting function
  • Reversible doors with double-layered glass panes
  • Low-vibrating and quiet operation


  • The temperature tends to fluctuate at times

Therefore, this wine cooler is still a pretty decent unit for giving your wines proper storage. This is also an ideal option if you are collecting only one type of wine.

Buying Guide

Buying Built-in Wine Coolers

1. Capacity

Determining the capacity of a built-in wine cooler is very important. You have to know how many wine bottles and canned beverages your prospective wine cooler can accommodate to make sure that all of your wines and beverages are stored properly. Moreover, before buying a wine cooler, you must know the usual amount of wine bottles you have in your house.

However, some manufacturers tend to give inaccurate information regarding the capacity of their wine coolers. So, for example,  if you are planning to store more than 20 wine bottles in your wine cooler, go for a larger unit that can accommodate 30 or more bottles so you can be fully certain that you have space to store all of them.

2. Single or Dual Zone

Do you only drink and collect white wines? Or are you loyal to red wines only? If that is the case, purchasing a single-zone wine cooler might be enough. A single-zone cooler does not have any divisions or zones. The temperature runs throughout the whole interior of the wine cooler.

On the other hand, if you are a collector of both white and red wines, you should be able to store them separately with their respective temperatures. Red wines and white wines shouldn’t all be stored in a wine cooler with a single temperature. So, if this is the case, go for a dual-zone wine cooler.

A dual-zone unit has two sections inside. Normally, the upper zone can provide lower temperatures, which is ideal for making wines colder than usual. The upper zone and lower zone have independent temperature control settings. Meaning, you can separately store your white and red wine collection in just a single wine cooler.

3. Energy use

Standard wine coolers can consume around 70 to 90 watts. However, the energy consumption of every wine cooler may still vary as it will also depend on the cooling technology it uses.

Wine coolers that use thermoelectric cooling systems do not use many moving elements and power to run. Arguably, thermoelectric units use less energy than compressor-based units.

However, a thermoelectric wine cooler persistently operates, which means continual use of energy is needed. Also, it could be affected by the temperature of the environment around it. For instance, if the temperature outside is too high, the thermoelectric unit tends to forcefully maintain its set temperature. And that requires higher energy use as well.

On the other hand, a compressor-based unit only turns on when necessary. Plus, it is not affected by the environmental temperature. It can maintain its set temperature without forcing itself to operate at a higher capacity. The interior of a compressor-based unit will remain cold despite the hot temperature outside.

4. Temperature

It is important to determine if the wine cooler you are planning to buy can provide the perfect chillness to every type of wine you collect. It is indeed advisable to keep them at the most ideal serving temperature.

Red wines are normally served at a slightly warm temperature, which is around 60°F to 65°F. White wines usually taste a lot better when they are chilled, so they should be stored at a temperature around 50°F to 55°F. Most of the wine coolers can be set at these temperature ranges.

However, if you are also collecting sparkling wines, you must ensure that the wine cooler you will buy can be set at a much lower temperature, which is around 35°F to 40°F.

Furthermore, some wine coolers can instantly restore to their set temperature after a sudden power outage. This feature is called Temperature Memory Function. Wine coolers with this function can also provide several benefits to you as a user.

5. Compressor or thermoelectric cooling

Just like what I said earlier, wine coolers that use a thermoelectric cooling system use less energy to operate. Other than that, thermoelectric units normally run in a noiseless and non-vibrating operation. So, if you are planning to place your wine cooler in an office, living room, or in a room where you need to relax and focus, consider purchasing a thermoelectric wine cooler.

But, there are several disadvantages of a thermoelectric unit. First, thermoelectric wine coolers typically have smaller capacities. They are not recommended if you wish to collect numerous wines. Second, they can be affected by the environmental temperature. And lastly, it continuously operates, meaning, it can cost you a larger electricity bill.

Compressor-based wine coolers, on the other hand, use a very powerful operation. They have a more efficient cooling system than thermoelectric units. Moreover, the majority of compressor-based units have larger capacities, which means they can accommodate numerous wine bottles. They are also not affected by the environmental temperature. They can maintain their temperature even if they are placed in an uninsulated room.

There are a few drawbacks of a compressor-based unit. First, it tends to be slightly noisy when it operates. Also, it tends to have slight vibrations. But there are some compressor-based units that run in a noiseless and non-vibrating operation. Make sure to look out for these features if you’re considering this option.

6. Number of cooling zones

A wine cooler can either have one, two, or three zones. A single-temperature zone unit uses only one temperature cooling zone. It means that the whole wine cooler is supplied by a particular temperature only., which makes it an ideal option if you will only store a specific type of wine.

A dual-temperature zone unit is divided into two zones. Each zone has individual temperature settings. This is a great option if you are storing two different types of wine.

A triple-temperature zone wine cooler is divided into three zones. Among the three, this is the priciest option as it can accommodate three types of wines. If you like collecting three types of wine like white wine, red wine, and sparkling wine, this could be the most preferable option.

7. Lockable door

I highly recommend wine coolers with a lockable door as they can provide additional safety to the wines inside. Moreover, a lockable door is very important, especially if there are children in your house. That is to prevent them from gaining access to your wines and other alcoholic drinks.

8. Durability

The majority of the wine coolers nowadays are mostly made out of stainless steel, which is known to be very durable, rust-proof, and heavy-duty. However, you should look for a unit that uses dual or triple-layer tempered glass for added durability.

There are also wine coolers that use UV-resistant glass doors. This is a very essential feature as it can help in protecting your wines by maintaining their quality. The UV lights can negatively affect the flavor and aroma of your wines, but a durable and UV-resistant glass door can shield them.

9. Price

Indeed, the price should be considered as well. It is a crucial factor, but you should not focus on it that much. The price is not the most significant factor that you will consider when you are deciding which wine cooler you will purchase.

A durable, advanced, and high-capacity wine cooler is always a great long-term investment. If you have a limited budget, you should still go for a unit that can satisfactorily suit your needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between built-in and freestanding wine coolers?

A built-in wine cooler is designed to be placed under any existing counters or cabinets. The heat that the built-in wine cooler releases is not accumulated at the back of the unit because its vent is normally built under the glass door, which is on the front part.

A freestanding wine cooler, on the other hand, is designed to stand on its own. It can be placed anywhere you like. However, there are a lot of wine coolers that can either be in a freestanding or built-in setup.

2. What’s the difference between single and dual-zone wine coolers?

A single-zone wine cooler relies only on single temperature control. Meaning, the entire interior of the wine cooler is powered by one temperature only. For example, if you set the unit’s temperature to 40°F, then all the wines inside the unit will have a temperature of 40°F.

However, a dual-zone wine cooler uses two temperature controls. It is divided into two zones – the upper zone and the lower zone. Each zone has its separate temperature setting. For example, you can set the upper zone’s temperature to 40°F, while the lower zone is set to 50°F. This type of unit is typically designed for those people who are collecting two types of wine.


Now that I have shown you the best built-in wine coolers obtainable in the market, have you seen the right unit for you and your wine collection? If you are not yet decided, all you have to do is consider the factors that we have discussed, especially the capacity, temperature zone, cooling system, and durability.

A high-quality wine cooler is a great investment. Therefore, you have to choose the one that functions really well. Be sure to pick the one that will truly help you in maintaining the prime quality of your wines.

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