The Best Blender Food Processor Combos For a Speedy Meal Preparation in 2021

Best Blender Food Processor Combo

There are a few limitations to what blenders and food processors can do on their own. Although some foods, such as purées and salsas, could be done with either equipment, food processors are terrible at making smoothies, and a blender will not work properly when it comes to shredding vegetables.

Fortunately, the best blender food processor combo can assist you in preparing a vast array of meals and desserts. This multipurpose appliance features a single motor base that allows you to swap out the container as needed. Indeed, you can perform different meal-prepping techniques and applications using only one machine.

The blender in the combo is likely to get the most use, so be sure that the model you choose has a large enough capacity for preparing smoothies, frozen beverages, or blending soups. 

The food processor, on the other hand, must be able to combine and chop, but only a few options feature attachments and discs for slicing, shredding, and grating foods. 

When searching for a blender food processor combo, there are several factors that you must keep in mind before purchasing it, and that is what I will show you in this article. But before that, I will present to you first the top-rated blender food processor combos you can choose from along with their reviews.

Best-Rated Blender Food Processor Combos in 2021

1. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo

NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo

Performance, large capacity and size, and efficiency are the main strengths of this unit. The NutriBullet Blender Combo boasts a strong 1200-watt motor that enables it to accomplish a variety of cooking tasks quickly and efficiently. Indeed, this NutriBullet combo is one of the greatest options for active foodies because of its top-grade functionalities and attachments.

This set includes a variety of jars, including 24, 32, and 64-ounce cups, as well as high-quality lids. The containers included in this unit allow you to prepare meals and store them for eventual use in more difficult recipes.

Steel blades, a cyclonic mixing mechanism, three-speed modes, and a pulse setting for chopping are some of the key features of this machine. Soups, sauces, and other hot meals benefit from a vented pitcher top which enables steam to dissipate. 

This unit is quite strong and quick. It can practically handle any component with ease. The single-serving cup is indeed a reliable component as well. This combo is truly dependable since it includes both a full-size and single-serving blender. For one little serving, you do not need to waste time cleaning a large blender. 

Moreover, this combo is very user-friendly and multifunctional. It is uncomplicated to operate, despite the increased complexity of the controls. You can instantly pick it up and be blending smoothies in a breeze. 

Cleaning and maintenance are easy with this machine. Simply immerse these jars and blades in a cleaning solution and they will be clean in no time.

The only issue with this unit is that the blades need to be replaced every six months, which is costly.


  • Large size and capacity; powerful 1200-watt motor
  • User-friendly control settings
  • Ideal for either quick or complex meal preparations
  • Includes a full-size and single-serving blender
  • Very easy to clean and maintain


  • Blade replacement is costly; needs to be done every six months

2. Oster Blender Pro 1200

Oster Blender Pro 1200

If you want an expedient and easy meal planning solution, the Oster Pro 1200 blender food processor combo makes it seamless to crush almonds for cookie mix or process veggies for curry sauce only with the touch of a button. 

The preconfigured setting helps in productively and instantly preparing a particular recipe with its strong 1200-watt motor and intelligent programming technology so that you can prepare your meal quicker than ever.

This machine includes seven different speeds for anything from making sauces to milkshakes, while choppers have three preset modes for quick breakfasts like oatmeal or a one-touch smoothie, as well as a pulse for extra chopping and crushing power.

The high-grade blender blades and chopper prongs make it convenient to produce your well-loved dishes. This blender food processor combo, which is designed to be your go-to cooking assistant, delivers both efficiency and precision in preparation thanks to its smart configuration technology.

The minimalist stainless steel appearance is both stylish and sturdy.  Furthermore, there is no need for assembly because everything is supplied straight out of the package. A 5-cup food processor bowl with stainless steel slicing disc and cutting blade, as well as a 24-ounce smoothie to-go cup with a lid, are also included. 

This blender food processor combo serves every cooking necessity you can think of. It even comes with a 10-year all-metal motor warranty.

The drawback, on the other hand, is that it tends to leak, especially when it is making a smoothie. 


  • Very durable and powerful
  • Includes advanced settings for more efficient food blending or processing
  • Smart programming technology for quicker meal preparations
  • Minimalist design
  • 10-year all-metal motor warranty


  • Tends to leak when making a smoothie

3. Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

In a stylish stainless steel appearance, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System blender food processor combo also provides unrivaled ice crushing capability because of its 1500-watt motor power. This model offers a great solution for you, whether you’re searching for flexibility, convenience, or optimal capacity. 

Within 30 seconds, the 8-cup food processor bowl can deliver consistent chopping and can help in kneading 2 pounds of dough. The 72-ounce absolute crushing pitcher, which efficiently crushes ice to snow in seconds for delicious frozen beverages and shakes, is ideal when it comes to achieving uniformity.

This machine is ideal for those who spend minimal time in the kitchen. With its customizable configurations developed particularly for best outcomes, its Auto-IQ function identifies cooking instructions depending on what you enter, and it even makes blending a pleasurable activity.

The jars that are included in this set are composed of high-grade plastic-based materials that are extremely sturdy. They are also dishwasher-friendly and BPA-free, so you can enjoy your family’s favorites without guilt. All types of food can be efficiently processed by the blades, making sure that what you prepare tastes flavorful all the time.

If you don’t have a lot of storage space in your kitchen, the two 16-ounce cups come with everything you desire to make a unique protein smoothie, including to-go lids so that it will not be hard for you to create your best-loved beverages whenever you are craving for some.

The only downside of this unit is that it only has a 1-year warranty.


  • Perfect for crushing ice effectively; 1500-watt motor power
  • Ideal in terms of achieving ingredient uniformity
  • Auto-IQ function
  • Customizable configurations
  • Dishwasher-friendly; BPA-free


  • Its warranty is only 1 year

4. Cuisinart BFP-703BC Smart Power

Cuisinart BFP-703BC Smart Power

This Cuisinart’s leading 7-speed electronic blender is combined with the iconic Cuisinart food processor in the Smart Power duo. With no liquid applied, the motor can effectively and speedily crush ice. 

Only with just a touch of a button, this high-powered machine can blend, purée, slice, grind, and liquefy ingredients very productively. This SmartPower 500-watt blender food processor combo is incredibly intelligent and multifunctional, with plenty of strength and functions to handle any task.

You can prepare soups, condiments, creamy and tasty chilled beverages, baby meals, and virtually everything with this unit. The power blend combo’s blending powers are indeed limitless.  

When the work bowl is attached and the lid is closed, the Smart Power duo transforms into a completely functional food processor. The high-grade blender slices and blends cooked and raw ingredients uniformly, even meats.

This blender food processor combo is very functional and simple to operate. Furthermore, all of the detachable pieces included in this set are dishwasher-safe.  For optimal durability, the housing is composed of die-cast metal.

You can quickly produce a large variety of veggies, fruits, and cheeses with the reversible slicing and shredding blade and feeding tube. A 48-ounce glass blender jar with superior ultra-sharp stainless steel blade assembly is also incorporated.

The disadvantages of this unit though are the not-so-powerful motor and small blending capacity.


  • 7-speed electronic blender
  • Can effectively crush ice even without liquids
  • Smart and multifunctional
  • Slices and blends cooked and raw ingredients uniformly
  • User-friendly and durable; ultra-sharp blades


  • The motor is not that powerful; small blending capacity

5. Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

The Hamilton Beach 58163 blender food processor combo along with its two different top-grade attachments allows you to express your creative ability and skills in the kitchen. While cooking hearty and healthful foods, you can produce fresh fruit shakes, freshly made dressings, and relishes, or enjoy a gourmet thrill with blending skills.

A 40-ounce BPA-free glass pitcher and a mini 3-cup food processor are included in this package to fulfill any thirst or appetite. The unique Wave Action technology constantly draws mixtures down into the blades for uniform outcomes. 

The detachable no-spill vent and secure lid prevent contents from leaks during transit, so there’s no mess while pouring. A food processing package is also included for cutting, slicing, and shredding a range of ingredients.

For mouthwatering smoothies, the 700-watt maximum power motor employs blades and a safety seal to puree, blend, crush potatoes, slice and grate hard cheese, create breadcrumbs, and crush ice. The design and performance of this blender food processor combo are both practical and handy.

You could make this blender your companion by simply putting the cable into the appliance’s lower edge for convenient storage after every use. You no longer have to pull it back through a confined area or move furniture just to store it. It also comes with a 3-year warranty.

The only issue I noticed in this unit is that the blender is not at all powerful enough to liquefy the ingredients.


  • Comes with two different top-grade attachments
  • 40-ounce BPA-free glass pitcher and a mini 3-cup food processor included
  • No-spill vent and secure lid
  • Easy to store
  • 3-year warranty


  • Cannot liquefy ingredients properly

6. Ninja SS351 Foodi Power Blender

Ninja SS351 Foodi Power Blender

The Ninja Foodi SS351 full-size blender comes with three different-sized jars, allowing you to prepare family-sized smoothies or single-serve dishes to continuously satisfy your cravings. It comes with six Auto-IQ settings for producing smoothies, extracting, chopping, shredding, and kneading rapidly.

This machine has a high-capacity 1400-watt motor with smart technology that allows it to power through big loads without pausing or needing to manually mix or shake. You can even pull densely textured mixes off the jar’s surfaces and into the blade’s vortex due to its mechanically revolving arms.

The speed dial on the Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher Technology gives you increased command over your processing and blending. A designated pulse button is also included. Furthermore, the primary jar is quite huge. Its maximum liquid capacity is 64 ounces.

This unit produces velvety nut butter and creamy milkshakes with exceptional results. Dishwasher-safe containers, blade components, and lids make cleanup a breeze. It’s just as easy to wash these pieces by hand.

The blender’s lid locks into position. It contains a little window-like vent as well as a release mechanism that allows you to open the jar’s lid easily. The lid is highly secure and prevents the blender from leaking during the process.

Two blade pieces are used in this powerful blender food processor combo. The first set features six sharp blades and they are used with the full-size container. These blades can be washed since they are detachable.

The downside, nonetheless, is the very noisy operation during the blending process.


  • 6 Auto-IQ settings for rapidly blending ingredients
  • Very powerful 1400-watt motor
  • Power Pitcher Technology speed dial for customizable blending
  • Extra-large main blender jar
  • Highly secure lids; attachments are easy to clean


  • Very noisy operation

7. Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt

Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt

The Cuisinart CPB-300 350-Watt blender can be a wonderful selection if you’re searching for an extremely sturdy, inexpensive, effective, and decent blender. This SmartPower blender has a plethora of useful and impressive features and specs that might delight you.

Easy to maintain, lightweight, standby function, auto-pause, safety lock, shock-resistant, and dishwasher-friendly are some of the most notable benefits of this Cuisinart blender. Even for inexperienced cooks, this blender food processor combo would be very useful and ideal.

This blender’s huge capacity and BPA-free blending jar, chopping container, travel cup with lid, and high-quality blade assembly components have made it highly well-known to numerous foodies all over the world.

This blender is also distinguished from other brands’ blender food processor combos by its efficient motor with stainless steel aesthetic, 3 touchpad controls with LED signal lights, slip-proof base, long-lasting cable, and effective blending capabilities.

This transportable blender has a 3-year warranty coverage that guarantees its longevity and performance. This blender also includes a recipe booklet that has a variety of cooking ideas.

The only drawback in this unit is its 350-watt motor, which is a bit weak. It is not that ideal in terms of crushing ice and making milkshakes.


  • Extremely durable
  • Very easy to maintain; simple to operate; good for beginners
  • Lightweight and shock-resistant
  • Stainless-steel housing and durable cable
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty and a recipe booklet


  • Not-so-powerful blender motor; only 350 watts

8. Ninja QB1004 Blender/Food Processor

Ninja QB1004 Blender/Food Processor

The Ninja QB1004 food processor and blender combo is indeed a culinary workhorse that comes in one handy package. It has a 750-watt motor power that can help in producing a vast array of meals and shakes.

With a larger capacity of a 1.4-liter pitcher for freezing blending and smoothies. a 16-ounce mixing bowl, as well as a work bowl for food processing and preparing meals, this unit, will help you in perfecting any dish in a breeze. All of the aforementioned accessories come with complementary BPA-free and dishwasher-friendly storage lids. 

The retractable blade design allows you to chop or ground items without having to use another device; everything goes right into the container, allowing you to spend less time cleaning yet more time cooking.

The blender’s waterproof cover stops leaks and leaves your cooktop spotless. Upon these easy-to-clean, sturdy blades and jars, you will have total access to all components of this multifunctional equipment, while the non-stick layer on container corners protects you from burning. 

This blender food processor combo contains four tough blades for quickly breaking ice or almonds and also a six-blade set for shredding even the thickest veggies. For simple usage at your own rate and configurable texture fineness, just tap the chrome button to adjust the speed setting.

The only issue I found with this unit is that the lids are tough to clean. Every lid has several areas where ingredients can easily become stuck.


  • Highly efficient 750-watt motor
  • 1.4-liter pitcher capacity; all containers included come with BPA-free lids
  • Retractable and ultra-sharp blade design
  • Does not leak
  • Easy to use; customizable speed settings


  • The lids are difficult to clean

9. Goodful by Cuisinart BFP700GF

Goodful by Cuisinart BFP700GF

If you don’t have enough counter space for other large food processor blender combos, this Goodful by Cuisinart machine might be your preferred choice. This machine will fit in with any kitchen because of its lightweight design and minimalist appearance.

This blender and food processor combo provides sufficient power and speed to handle any task. It has a strong 700-watt motor inside, and it allows the machine to efficiently process and blend ingredients. A 3-cup food processor accessory with a feeding tube, shredding disc, and slicing blade are all included.

Despite having only three-speed settings, which are pulse, high, and low setting, this machine can still handle any operation you desire – from slicing, shredding, emulsifying, mixing, and pureeing.

A 4-tine good-quality blade assembly comes with the full-size 56-ounce blender pitcher. It’s ideal for all of your cooking requirements.

The design of this unit is quite simple yet appealing. The housing has a modern matte finish that makes the machine eye-catching. Moreover, all of the removable parts that come with this unit are safe to be cleaned in a dishwasher.

The downside, however, is that this machine is not that effective when it comes to crushing ice. You will have to put more liquids in it before the ice gets finely crushed.


  • Lightweight; minimalist design
  • Limited to only three-speed settings, but already enough to handle any cooking task
  • 700-watt motor; high blending and processing efficiency
  • Comes with a 3-cup food processor with a feed tube, shredding disc, and slicing blade
  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts


  • Not that effective in crushing ice

10. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

Any cooking chore can be made easier with the Hamilton Beach Power Elite blender food processor combination. Preparing a cup of nutritious smoothies or a bowl of delectable soups takes only a few minutes.

The Hamilton Beach 58149 has four mixing buttons and 12 blending settings, making it an incredibly valuable kitchen appliance.  For delicious milkshakes, the 700-watt peak motor capacity employs blades and a security lock to pulverize, blend, grate, mince, and crush ice very finely.

This set includes a 40-ounce BPA-free glass jar and a 3-cup food processor to handle any meal-prepping and smoothie-making activities. The Wave Action system processes mixtures down into the blades for extremely uniform and fine results.

This machine is truly a multifunctional kitchen appliance that can grind nuts, make a batter, and emulsify practically any ingredient. Both the jar and the blades are dishwasher-friendly, and the jar incorporates a non-messy pour vent with a detachable cover for effortless pouring.

One of the outstanding qualities is the container, which is constructed of hard and durable plastic that will last for years. The quality of this container is thought to be better than that of glass jars. This blender food processor combo will make it much easier to prepare all of your desired meals.

One issue that most customers did not like about this unit is the quality of the lids. They can easily crack and break over time.


  • Good for quick-preparing different meals and smoothies
  • 4 mixing buttons and 12 blending settings
  • Wave Action system for uniform and fine results
  • Dishwasher-friendly removable parts
  • Extremely durable containers; made out of hard plastic


  • The lids can easily break

What to Consider When Choosing a Blender Food Processor Combo

Choosing a Blender Food Processor Combo

Size and Bowl Capacity

A blender food processor combo is normally available in three sizes: full, compact, and mini. The size of these food processors and blenders is determined by the capacity of the processing bowl. A full-size machine contains 9 to 13 cups, a compact one accommodates 5 to 7 cups, and a mini variant serves barely more than 5 cups.

Furthermore, the size of a blender food processor combo is affected by how often you use it. Ensure that you have sufficient space for it as well. The mini blender and food processor combo works well for slicing and chopping vegetables. However, if you cook quite often, you will need a bigger variant.


Chopping, shredding, and pureeing must all be easy with the best blender food processor combo. While additional attachments such as whiskers and dough blades are available and also quite important, primary processing tasks should always take precedence. 

If you will need additional features in the future, you can acquire them easily. But first and foremost, make sure to go for a blender food processor combo that shreds and slices efficiently.

Blades & Slicing Discs

Blender food processor combos feature a variety of blender accessories that can all be used alternately. Blender food processors are exclusively suitable with blender models that incorporate a rotating base built on the blender food processor combo attachment for slicing discs and blades. It is because when the blender section is connected to the blender food processor combo attachment, certain blender versions without rotating bases may not work properly.

In food processors, the S-shaped blade is normally used. The S-blades will assist you in chopping and mixing if the machine is in a pulse setting. The blades can both purée and blend ingredients. It can also be used to prepare food such as nut butter and pesto.

You have to ascertain that you will choose the best machine that has additional blades or discs, preferably stainless steel or any top-quality and durable material.

Blender Power (Motor Power)

The motor power, which is measured in watts, is one of the most critical factors when it comes to selecting the best blender food processor combo. The higher the wattage, the quicker and more powerful the machine will be. 

The motor or blender power of a machine is determined by its size; a smaller unit will usually have less power than a larger one. The motor power is ideally between 700 and 1500 watts.

If you want to mix hard veggies like carrots or beets, you should invest in a more powerful blender motor. If your blender isn’t strong enough, the ingredients might be ruined after only a few minutes of blending. Moreover, if your machine has various speed presets, that would be a useful function as it will assist you in achieving uniformity. 

When looking for the best blender food processor combo, look for one with a power rating of at least 700 watts. If you think crushing ice is a priority for you, search for models with more than 1,000 watts. Some units with higher power include a cooling system that switches the machine off mechanically if it gets too hot.


The best blender food processor combo normally comes with user-friendly touch buttons or knob controls. For mixing, crushing, and chopping, most simple devices have an on/off switch and variable speed options.

The on and pulse buttons are indeed present in a blender food processor combo. In fact, these settings are what make the machine useful and functional. The blades and discs, on the other hand, have a higher impact on the unit’s performance than speed.

Even though having more than 10-speed levels on either section of the blender isn’t usual, having more than 5 speeds in some instances might be preferable based on what you’ll be processing. For instance, if you regularly make soups with lumps that should be mixed well, having a blender with a speed of 10 would be advantageous.

Blender Material

Plastic is the most common blender material used in blender food processor combos nowadays, and it’s suggested for the convenience of usage and maintenance. 

Certain blender food processors include a rotating base that turns the blender while it is running, so you wouldn’t have to keep it in place while doing the blending process. If this feature is important to you, make sure the blender component has a rotating base before purchasing it, as several blender food processors may not suit certain blender models. 

As many pieces of a blender food processor combination are made from plastic, handwashing them rather than placing them in the dishwasher is recommended.

You should also consider the material of the blender’s pitcher. Typically, the pitcher is made of plastic or glass. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages. Glass is usually dishwasher-safe and durable, although it is heavy and can shatter if dropped. Plastic is lighter and better able to withstand falls, but it is not necessarily dishwasher-safe and can crack while processing.


Blender food processors can be very easy to use and understand on their own. However, many people still choose to buy blender food processor combos since they include blender features that aren’t available individually. This means that blender food processor combos frequently include blender accessories such as blender jars, blender blades, and blender lids for a variety of meal-prepping tasks.

Several blender food processors have a tag on them that indicates how many speeds they have, which is necessary to ensure that the blender component of the blender food processor combo attachment fits your blender model.

Simple pour spouts and slip protectors are examples of optional features. Even if you simply require basic functionality from your product, it’s still a good idea to look into what features would be beneficial for your cooking tasks.


A blender jar accommodates the blender’s motor and blades in the majority of blender food processor combos. When your blender is standing upright, the jar is normally attached to a blender base, which also contains the entirety of the blender parts.

While remaining in its standing position, the blender connects to the bottom of the food processor attachment, completing the function. The overall procedure commonly takes less than two minutes.

Lid and Feeding Tube

A feeding tube is an essential component of a food processor that serves as a food chute for loading ingredients into the machine. 

Pick one with the ability to handle several sorts of foods, such as shredding or slicing discs, as well as feeding tubes, to avoid having to chop ingredients before processing. This will result in finer slices of foods like broccoli, potatoes, and other vegetables.

Every time you process with this device, the plunger safely pulls down all types of food towards blades that offer cutting motion while rotating around at maximum speed, generating fine cuts out of them and producing sliced veggies.

In regards to containers, lids are indeed essential. They’re the component that keeps your food contained and prevents spillage, which is why they are practically lined with rubber seals to ensure that nothing slides out or in. The lid should fit tightly without being hard to unlock or seal, allowing you to easily access the contents while also preventing it from coming off too easily.


A blender food processor combo merges the functions of two distinct machines into one. The blender comes with a processor attachment, which gives you more alternative solutions in the kitchen. Since you have two machines in one, you will not need an additional machine on your counter.

As kitchens are becoming smaller, everyone wants to save space, but they also require more electricity than ever before. You may now do the task using two machines rather than one. 

A decent blender food processor combo generally includes a variety of attachments, such as a blender jar, a food processing bowl, and the blades associated. Kneading blades for producing bread or pastries may also be incorporated.

Some variants have a variety of attachments for more efficient blending, food processing, and juicing. A single smoothie to-go container or a tiny chopping container, as well as various discs that may be used for activities like slicing, grating, and peeling items, may be included in the blender food processor combo.

Ease of Use

Blenders and food processors are already uncomplicated to set up on their own, but blender food processor combinations are indeed much simpler and more practical to use. For easier and more efficient blender functionality, numerous blender food processor combos come with useful blender attachments.


For the convenience of usage and maintenance, blender food processor combos are often constructed of plastic components.  

Blender food processor combos with plastic blender pitchers are usually more durable than glass blender pitchers, although scratches can still occur after several uses. Glass may be easier to clean than plastic, but it might easily break if accidentally dropped.


Generally, blender food processor combos come with a 1- to 3-year warranty, but it’s always a good idea to verify product requirements before purchasing so you know exactly what type of warranty you’ll get. You may also get units with a 5 to 10-year warranty, which is a great bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blender Food Processor Combo - FAQs

1. What is a Blender Food Processor Combo?

A blender food processor combo is an appliance with food processing and blending attachments. Although all blender food processor combinations feature a blender as the primary element, some may not have the extra capability of a food processor attachment.

Blender food processor combos are indeed ideal for people who wish to use only one appliance to perform everything they need. It is also a great choice if you don’t want to spend the money on two machines. The blender alone is generally equipped with a strong motor capable of turning ice into snow, pureeing vegetables into sauces, and even kneading bread.

2. Is There a Blender Food Processor Combo?

There are several types of blender food processors, and each one of them excels in distinct ways. Anything from preparing bread to creating smoothies can be done in the blender. The blender is generally very strong, with the ability to make ice cream or puree hard vegetables into sauces. 

Some elements of the blender are dishwasher-friendly, making acquiring a blender food processor combo even more practical. Numerous blenders also have an ice-crushing mode built exclusively for cocktails and other beverages created with crushed ice, making it simple to keep your customers satisfied in any restaurant or bar. 

One more reason why blender food processors are so useful is that restaurant workers, especially the chefs, find them very functional as they won’t need to use two machines at a time. Furthermore, blender food processor combos can be used to prepare a variety of foods, including fruits, veggies, meats, and even dough for pastries and cakes. This machine can make just about anything, even purees.

The majority of blender food processors also offer an extensive selection of blades, giving you even more options when it comes to meal preparation. Blender food processors are ideal for those who prefer flexibility in their cooking or baking but don’t want to use two different machines.

3. How do Blender Food Processor Combos Work?

A blender food processor combo combines the functions of a blender and a food processor into one machine. The blender includes a blade at the base that can be used to grind nuts into powder, puree veggies into sauces, and do other similar activities.

This helps consumers to save money on components that are not necessary while still having access to all of the amazing functions of a blender food processor combo. Blender food processors include a high-performing blender as well as storage jars, allowing you to easily mix and preserve your food. 

Blender food processors are an interesting alternative for anybody searching for equipment to replace their blender, food processor, etc. This machine uses the power of a blender and the slicing, shredding, and chopping capabilities of a food processor. It also contains dishwasher-friendly components that assist in expediting meal preparations.

4. Do You Need Both a Food Processor and a Blender?

The food processor is ideal enough for those time-consuming chores like slicing or shredding a whole can of tomatoes in one session. It’s also a feature-packed unit, so there’s no need to worry about moving it from the kitchen to the dining table.

The blender, however, is ideal for your mid-morning and afternoon replenishment cravings; it effortlessly blends protein smoothies. Neither has a time or space restriction, and both will be indispensable tools for every health enthusiast on a regular basis.

Yes, you need both of these machines, but why not just buy a blender food processor combo to save money? Just take a look at our list above, and you will find the top-rated blender food processor combos in the market.

5. Why do I need a Blender and a Food Processor?

The key benefit of having a blender and a food processor is that you can process and blend ingredients more quickly and efficiently. In comparison to your bare hands, the blades spin at a much faster rate, allowing you to prepare your meals in a relatively short duration. 

Furthermore, you may operate your blender food processor combo for a multitude of activities, including chopping, grinding, and juicing all at once.

Another advantage is that cleaning is a snap because most of the attachments can be removed and cleaned independently. Plus, reassembly would be a breeze.

6. Can I make Smoothies in a Blender Food Processor Combo?

Yes, you can make smoothies in a blender food processor combo. An independent cup for blending smoothies is included in numerous blender food processor combos. 

Those units that do not have a blender can use the jar attachment to quickly include ingredients that are used for smoothies. The processor can also be used to ground oats and other grains to add to smoothie recipe ideas.

7. How do I Clean My Blender Food Processor Combo?

First, disassemble the blender food processor combo and put it in the dishwasher. Make sure that the parts you will put in the dishwasher are all dishwasher-friendly by checking it first in the instruction manual. 

The motor component, on the other hand, must be wiped off with a slightly wet cloth or microfiber. Do not let it become overly wet. Oftentimes, a unit will include a self-cleaning option that merely involves the application of soap and by hitting the button.

8. How Long will My Blender Food Processor Combo Last?

The lifespan of each blender food processor combo may vary. Some machines are capable of lasting several years of usage if responsibly maintained. Units that are made out of tough materials like stainless steel and solid glass are some that might survive the longest.

Furthermore, the answer to this question may vary as it will mainly depend on how frequently you use it for preparing shakes, meals, etc. Blender food processors last roughly 3 to 5 years if you use them every day to make beverages and meals. 

9. Can a Blender and Food Processor be used Interchangeably?

Whilst certain tasks are generally shared by food processors and blenders, they can be used interchangeably. A blender is often utilized to purée ingredients and help in crushing ice. If the finished result is something you wish to sip, drizzle, or dip, a blender would be more recommended. 

A food processor is typically used to slice, grate, shred, and mince ingredients. If the final product will be consumed with a fork or spoon, then it is more recommended to use a food processor.


It might be difficult to pick the best blender food processor combo. Thankfully, all of the details you will need to choose the perfect option for your household and meal-prepping needs can be found in this article! If you still cannot decide what unit would be ideal for your kitchen, just take a look at the top picks I have shown you as well as the buying guide.

Review all the relevant information I prepared to assist you in making this process as easy and convenient as possible. Whether you want to prepare homemade soups, smoothies, or quickly slice veggies into bite-sized chunks, always know that there is a reliable unit for that.

There is no need to buy a food processor and blender separately when you can have the perfect blender food processor combo. This combo allows you to complete several activities in a short amount of time. Hopefully, you will be able to choose the best unit that will genuinely satisfy you!


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